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Need your web site up by Friday to let your constituents know you are running for County Commissioner or other political office?

How about a Virtual Server so you only pay for resources that you actually use?

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Our custom hosting option is for those clients who are using any of our development services, but have special needs or their needs exceed the limits of standard hosting making it a cost prohibitive option. In these cases we quote a hosting price that is acceptable to your needs.

Example: If you need more e-mail addresses,have large amounts of monthly tranfer due to files, need to run specialized software or simply have a unique or unknown circumstance, we want to work with you to make sure your needs are met. In these cases we quote a hosting price that is within your needs.

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Ever download a file from a so called free download site, only to find that they changed your search settings and added viris programs that are incredibly annoying and you do not want? Solution: Download ONLY from SourceForge which has thousands of open source apps without the evil intrusions.

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