Facts about our Data Center

  • Separate Web and Database servers
  • Load Balanced Web servers
  • Multiple Web/DB servers

Let's say you start a new Blog or eCommerce shopping site. In the beginning, no one knows you are there. Your traffic may be minimal until you perform some Search Engine Optomization. As people find your site and tell their friends, you get more traffic. When you receive thousands of visitors, you may experience delays or a slow down of your site if you are one of a thousand customers on a shared server. We never put that many customers on a single server, but when a customer pays only $2 a month for hosting, that is probably the case.

If you are on a cloud server, you can expand your hard disk space, memory, and other resources with a few mouse clicks as you grow, in order to pay only for the services that you actually use.

You may grow to a point where you want the whole server to yourself or even multiple servers to share the load.

There are other reasons to want a dedicated server. You may want several domains or web sites all on the same server to reduce financial costs as well as to keep it easy to manage all of those sites at the same place.

Certain applications are more data intensive than others. If you are serving a text page to your client, the page is served in less than a second and the server is idle until the customers requests another page. Of course, even with text only pages, the server load is increased as simultaneous users increase. Massive data bases can work a server pretty hard looking up records and displaying the results in human readable form. Pages with lots of pictures increase the bandwidth your server uses.

You may want a complete backup on your local machine, but more likely, you want a complete backup that is still online for fast recovery, but certainly not on the same server as the original. If something happens to the original, it will also happen to your backup if there is a server hardware failure.

You can sleep peacefully when you host with Celestial Hosting. Whether you grow slow or fast, your data is safe and secure.

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