Celestial Hosting Services

We specialize in custom configurations and services.

Most hosting companies offer a one size fits all. At CelestialHosting, we realize that every application is different. For instance, an eCommerce site will require a ststic IP address and an SSL Certificate. A store will be database intensive and will require a fast processor and a good amount of RAM.

When you are on a server with other web sites, as most web sites are, unless they have a dedicated server, you are sharing the servers resources with every other site on the server. This can cause poor performance even if the server is connected to a fast data connection. We never put a thousand sites on the same server. Not even a hundred. Of course, we do not offer $3 a month hosting, either.

We have been hosting web sites since 1997. We can migrate your existing site to our servers and offer either Plesk or cPanel control panels. You can add several different applications from within your control panel without having to ask permission or pay a bigger fee. We offer apps like auto-responder, mailing lists, blog, forum, help desk, etc. that integrate seamlessly into your site to increase your web presence.

Even the best site in the world won't do the trick unless people can find it. Simply registering your site with several search engines is not enough. Even great content is not enough. You have to be ranked high in the search engines to be on the first page of search results. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not a one-time affair. We have SEO plans that detail what we do over a specified period of time.

You tell us what you want. We will make recommendations and implement whatever you decide.

Most of our customers have been with us for several years. Switching hosts several times until you find a good one can be a nightmare! Choose Celestial Hosting right from the start. We configure our services specifically for your business.

All of our customers have custom services.